Our Mission:

Our Mission is evolving to reflect our changing circumstances.
 we will continue to serve vulnerable community members through various projects (listed below) with the end goal of building the brenrose sanctuary.
(more about this on the bottom of the page!)

UPDATE (12/23)
Formerly a home that offered support to young adults who experienced foster care or homelessness. We are currently losing the use of the home, therefore, are working diligently to help current tenants find long-term housing. Most are ready to launch after a stay at BrenRose where they were able to rest and regroup for their next journey, but need a hand up to get through the transition. 


 Project #2

The BrenRose Sanctuary
A sanctuary for people with significant trauma from having experienced foster care, homelessness, incarceration, behavioral health and substance abuse.   The farm will be centered around sustainable agriculture and commercial farm animal rescue. A stay at BrenRose sanctuary will bring healing an hope to human and animals alike!

 Project #1

 We are supporting a local family in creating Doug's Garden, an 800 sq ft greenhouse that will grow food for our local food banks and other organizations who provide food for our low-income and houseless community members. The goal for BrenRose is to grow enough food to qualify for farm grants in the Fall of 2024. The grant money will fund project number 2. 

Please consider helping current tenants and the BrenRose foundation in transitioning to their new endeavors.  

Our biggest need right now is helping some of our tenants with their transition to life after BrenRose and continuing to make house expenses until April 30th, 2024, which is our deadline for leaving the home.

Anyone interested in supporting our transition can determine where their funds will be used: current expenses as some have lost their housing funds, AND/OR supporting a current tenant in their move.
(The "current tenant" page explains individual needs)

How can you help?

*All donations are tax deductible 

 The BrenRose Sanctuary will be a place for those coming out of traumatizing circumstances: foster care, homelessness, behavioral health and drug/alcohol treatment. 
The sanctuary will provide a quiet, nurturing place centered around healing and sustainable agriculture. 
A stay at the BrenRose sanctuary, will prepare folks to rejoin the community prepared to work necessary programs that will bring stable housing, employment, and overall health and wellbeing. 

The brenrose sancutary

Our Why!

Growing up I had a very rocky home life. At 16 I ended up out of my parents care, (again) and landed in a home for teen girls, where Tammy was the live-in caregiver, after a string of foster homes that were not so great.
Tammy was calm yet stern, and absolutely amazing. She understood us and helped diffuse any differences that popped up between me and the four other girls she cared for. I spent seven months with her before I was reunited with my dad, which she supported. My dad said that she was the only caregiver who was ever nice to him.
A few years after I left her care, we were reconnected when she started inviting me to holiday meals, which helped the youth she was caring for see that it does get better, they can have a great future, and it showed them how committed she was to helping.
Tammy has helped so many young people over the years. She started BrenRose because she knew that so many leaving foster care, still need so much help. She helped me feel I had a purpose, by letting me mentor some of her tenants.
There is so much she wants to do with this project that I believe will change the lives of the tenants, as well as those she brings on as peer support, most of which will be people she cared for in the therapeutic foster home.
I want to see her succeed, not just for her, but because I know that her success will help so many others!


"When I first came in to Tammys care, I was scared and lost and feeling unloved. She welcomed me with open arms and a fridge full of food. I really appreciated that she didn't pressure me to talk about my past. When I did open up, she was understanding and did not judge. That was not my experience in so many other foster homes"


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