The BrenRose foundation was named after Tammy's lifelong friend, Brendalyn Rose who passed away in December, 2020.
Bren inspired Tammy in her work in many ways and will forever be missed. We could not be more thrilled to offer this dedication to her!

The BrenRose foundation 


Tammy is a Certified Peer Counselor through the Thurston County Department of Health, and has nearly 35 years' experience working with children and youth, the last 14 with adolescents in foster care. She has been a caregiver to 40-50 teens in state care and has worked to support countless more. Additionally, Tammy is currently in training to become a university level Master Gardener to support her dream of bringing health and healing to hurting communities. 

Sarah is a local realtor who has given countless support to our local homeless community and is currently a foster parent of a teenager. It has been her personal passion and funding that made this project a reality. 

*As our mission and work evolves we want to take a moment to say how grateful we are for all of your support! Thanks to you, eight young people found a safe, supportive place to regroup and recharge, three of which have gone on to long-term housing. We accomplished ALOT in less than two years of BrenRose house's existence. 

Meet Tammy with BrenRose

*Alan Rose and Ecstatic Productions for including us in their July 2022 production which provided us with $2000 for our non-profit start up.
*Kat Thompson and Cascadia Cares non-profit for generous $5,000 donation in May 2022 towards our start up.
*100 Women who Care for making us their 4th quarter recipient of their fundraising endeavors, bringing us a check for $5450! 
*Nisqually Annual Charitable giving for an incredible $5000 donation which is sustaiaing tenants who have lost their housing funds. 

We are so blessed by your generosity and could not have grown without you! 

*Sarah Morris, without whom none of this would have been possible. Sarah provided constant emotional and financial support for the start-up, including helping with an attorney to file the 501(c) (3). She has financially supported other expenses for the housing and tenants; it's hard to list them all. She is the true champion of this project!

Special thank you 

Growing up I had a very rocky home life. At 16 I ended up out of my parents care, (again) and landed in a home for teen girls, where Tammy was the live-in caregiver, after a string of foster homes that were not so great.
Tammy was calm yet stern, and absolutely amazing. She understood us and helped diffuse any differences that popped up between me and the four other girls she cared for. I spent seven months with her before I was reunited with my dad, which she supported. My dad said that she was the only caregiver who was ever nice to him.
A few years after I left her care, we were reconnected when she started inviting me to holiday meals, which helped the youth she was caring for see that it does get better, they can have a great future, and it showed them how committed she was to helping.
Tammy has helped so many young people over the years. She started BrenRose because she knew that so many leaving foster care, still need so much help. She helped me feel I had a purpose, by letting me mentor some of her tenants.
There is so much she wants to do with this project that I believe will change the lives of the tenants, as well as those she brings on as peer support, most of which will be people she cared for in the therapeutic foster home.
I want to see her succeed, not just for her, but because I know that her success will help so many others!


"When I first came in to Tammys care, I was scared and lost and feeling unloved. She welcomed me with open arms and a fridge full of food. I really appreciated that she didn't pressure me to talk about my past. When I did open up, she was understanding and did not judge. That was not my experience in so many other foster homes"


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